Manual Typewriter Collecting

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Quick Collecting Information

Getting Started

Best Reference Book: “The Typewriter Revolution” by Richard Polt I highly recommend this as a resource for anyone interested in collecting typewriters it is a great starting point and reference guide.

Online Information

Where to Buy

Online Stores:




Quality Budget Models for a Quick Start

Ultra Portables:

Mid-sized Portables (Luggables):

Special Note:

“Webster” brand typewriters are made by Brother. I have not puzzled out the models to be able to tell you which one is a ultra portable vs. a mid sized, although I can tell by looking at a photograph. It is hard to tell size just by photos. Ask the seller. The metal bodied Websters are good machines.

Brother typewriters are well made, durable machines. Brother, Ward, Sears brands are not considered to be as “sexy” as storied brands like Royal, Smith Corona, Olivetti, etc., so they are cheaper on the collectors market than the fancy brands. That is why I have so many Brother derived typewriters on my budget list. Best bang for the buck.

This is not intended to be a definitive guide, just a quick list. Happy hunting!


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