I am a New Urbanist real estate developer, and a partner in a small development in the USA.

Online Bio. Past:  In the late 1990’s I ran a banner exchange network dedicated to science fiction and fantasy websites. Later, I developed several niche web directories and forum communities devoted to science fiction, fantasy, horror, spy/espionage fiction genres.  This was still back when search engines were not very good and human edited directories were best for navigating the web.

I was a moderator at several SEO and webmaster forums: Searchking forums, SearchGuild and Spider Food.

Sometime in the early 00’s I started blogging, when blogging was the “new thing”.

Then Real Life intruded and instead of trying to build the Web I became a spectator, as it became commercial, slick, corporate and boring.

Present: Now I am back to blogging and micro blogging again.


I like to try different software and operating systems. I have owned and used:

  • CP/M 2.2
  • MS-DOS
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X (now macOS)
  • Linux

Mobile OS’s:

  • PalmOS
  • iOS
  • webOS (I still miss this for phones.)
  • BB10 (Blackberry)
  • Android


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