Last night, Fri., Spaghetti and meatballs.  I use Dreamfields pasta, it’s the only higher in fiber, lower in carbs pasta, I’ve found, that tastes pretty close to traditional pasta.  The meatballs were little frozen ones from Aldi.  They are as good as any other frozen meatball.  Not sure how much mystery meat is actually in them but they work for portion control.  Anyway it was good.

Tonight, hamburgers made with real moo-cow meat!  I think steamed Brussels sprouts will go with them so I can claim some healthiness.

Tomorrow night, Sun., probably one of those frozen skillet meals.  The kind that has 1 oz. of meat with pasta and veggies all together.  Fast and easy.

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Bookmark: SubtoMe WordPress Plugin.

This is pretty slick.  It makes subscribing to your blog’s RSS feed really simple for people.  I know there is a warning it maybe out of date, but I just installed it on both my WP sites and it appears to be working fine.

H/T: Indieweb dev chat.

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Like: One-Line Languages

Really interesting post with a lot of stuff I hadn’t thought about.  The bot in the chat rooms, “Loqi” is pretty cool.

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Since I’m splitting my posting time between here and blog I thought I would post some of the selected posts you may have missed over the last two weeks, on

Building a Multi-Directory Based Search Portal

Use Any Door You Want

Finding Your Directory Niche

Building a Local Directory

Thoughts on a Directory of Hyperlink Nodes

How to Build a Town News and Event Portal

As you can see I have shifted all of the directory postings to the directory blog.  There are some gray areas that I’m not totally sure which blog to post on: discovery, search engines, webpage building as part of a Neo Web 1.0 Revival, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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Bookmark:  Search engines still dominate over social media, even for millennials

New research suggests when information gathering really matters, users turn to search engines.


And i don’t have a problem with this except Google has 90% of the search market.  Monopoly.

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It would seem blogging is just about money.  At least that is the sad message I get from top bloggers.  I set out to find some articles on “how to blog” and ran that search in several search engines.

Mojeek how to blog

Duckduckgo how to blog

Millionshort how to blog (this with the top million sites removed)

(All open in new tabs.)

I found one or two.  The vast majority of those articles all involve money and they fall into one of two camps: 1. articles written to make money on affiliate sales for blog hosting and domains, 2. articles about how you can start blogging in 20 minutes and start making money, oh and buy our ebook, sign up for our course on making money by blogging.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge a blog that has one or two ads on it, so long as they don’t get in my face, and I don’t begrudge some blogger for using affiliate links if they are going to link to a product anyway.  It’s when the quest for money starts dictating the purpose of what we write, the purpose of the blog, and I start to have problems with it.

Does anyone know of or has written a “how to blog” article that is not about the money?  It could be for beginners or more advanced bloggers.  If you do, post a link in the comments, or ping me with a URL. I’m curious.  Thanks.


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Like: How to Truly Optimize Any Blog for Web Search


IMHO this is the real deal for solid, practical advice for optimizing a blog.  None of the recommendations made in this article will harm you, none are extreme or risky, they are a good solid start on the basics for any blogger. And none of this is particularly difficult to implement.  This article is worth bookmarking.


Source: This article is listed in > Internet > Blogging

This was also posted to



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Like: Can blogs rebuild America?


I’m not talking about all of us launching political blogs. I’m talking about reigniting our independent spaces once again. Turning up the volume on our individual voices and real-life stories, sharing our values…creating an alternative to the mass media (now social media) messages and memes that keep floating to the top.

It’s worth trying.  It’s time for thoughtful, wise voices to be heard.

H/T: Brent Simmons

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Bookmark: Webrings are Not the Answer | by mariteaux


Somebody else has reservations about webrings. This in regards to Neocities.  I have similar problems with webrings.  However, I wouldn’t get too locked on to webrings being the only solution.  Maybe they will work in Neocities.  Maybe they will make the nostalgia buffs happy.  The inportant thing is to experiment and have some fun.  I suggest going to, the last fully functioning webring host, start a ring, get your friends to join and have some fun.  Webringo has some tools to address some of mariteaux’s worries (dead link code checkers, pure html ring codes) to make managing a ring easier so play around.

I guess my point is, you don’t really know until you try.  If webrings can be made to work anywhere it’s at Neocities, they are a very inventive community.

H/T: Web-Site-Ring

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In reply to: Distributed Digital Transformation | Ton Zijlstra

Source: Read: Distributed Digital Transformation | Chris Aldrich

Yes Ton you are right.

We need to learn to see the cumulative impact of a multitude of efforts, while simultaneously keeping all those efforts visible on their own. There exist so many initiatives I think that are great examples of how distributed digitalisation leads to transformation, but they are largely invisible outside their own context, and also not widely networked and connected enough to reach their own full potential. They are valuable on their own, but would be even more valuable to themselves and others when federated, but the federation part is mostly missing.
We need to find a better way to see the big picture, while also seeing all pixels it consists of. A macroscope, a distributed digital transformation macroscope.

Great article!

Yes we need a macroscope.  The first practical thing that needs to be done now is to publicly catalog all these initiatives as a first step in building that macroscope.  Part of that cataloging (indexing) requires defining just what is a worthy initiative and explain it. Then we we figure out how to network.  And part of it needs to be practical, boots on the ground stuff, because we don’t have infinite time to come up with perfect solutions.

Those steps I listed above, are doable right now.  Somebody needs to start. If there is a way I can help, let me know.

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