Review Vito and Nicks II Frozen Pizzas

Friday is officially Frozen Pizza Friday (FPF) around here. Something I started during pandemic lockdown.

I’ve bought various pizza brands for FPF over the years and my recent discovery of Vito and Nicks II Frozen Pizza is worth noting.

Three things I really like about Vito and Nick’s:

  1. The Sauce: a) the sauce has flavor like pizza sauce should. It’s not bland like so many frozen pizza sauces are and it has that Chicago style taste. b) There is plenty of it. I’d say there is 4 times more sauce than the other pizzas I’ve tried. It bubbles up from under the cheese when you bite a slice.
  2. The Thin Crust: So many frozen pizzas are all crust (and not so much toppings) and I don’t want to fill up on crust which I kinda have a hard time digesting.
  3. Generous toppings: Toppings and sauce are where to action is at, and the meat and cheese is pretty generous for a frozen pizza.

Yes Vito and Nick’s frozen pizza is more expensive than some other brands but so far I’m finding it worth the price. So far I’ve tried the Sausage and the Sausage and Pepperoni pizzas and both were good. Here locally in NW Indiana I’ve found them at Jewel and Strack and Van Til’s grocery stores. Worth trying.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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