I was just looking at the paid plans at Wordpress .com. WP.com is not for the individual blogger anymore, it’s for eCommerce, pros and corporations now. Granny’s knitting blog days are numbered. You can’t install plugins until you pay at least $25 per mo.! Which means you can’t get rid of the block editor until you pay $25 per mo either. One of the best parts of WP is their plugin system but not at that kinda price.

Also they have the option to split “WordAd” revenue, so it sounds like WP has built their own advertising network.

At least, there is no mistaking Automattic’s intentions now, they don’t care about the little guy/gal, it’s all about money and managed hosting schemes. No wonder that smaller blog hosting companies like Micro.blog, Write.as and others are springing up all over. They are filling the vacuum WP.com is creating at the affordable end of the cost range.

My prediction is that things like WP Reader will be allowed to atrophy since SEO’s, enterprise and corporate suits have no interest in community or reading some schmuck’s cat or travel blog.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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