b2evolution and Serendipity blog scripts look interesting

Might install b2evolution on a subdomain today and test. No Indieweb but it actually lets you import posts from many famous blog systems, including WP - what a novel idea. It has multiblogs, forums and a mature set of features and templates. It does have comments, trackbacks and pingbacks.

And it has real documentation. Old school, that actually tells you something useful - tells you what it does in detail. What that tells me is that it is intended to be used, seriously, used for serious work. It’s not just a toy.

If Wordpress is a heavy weight blog platform, then B2evolution looks to be a middle weight.

Serendipity also looks interesting. Again, you can import export posts, which means you don’t have to leave your old blog posts behind in some sort of archive on your old blog script (which sort of defeats the whole use your own domain thing.) Documentation is good. The script is not quite as feature rich as B2evolution but it has a pretty full suite, plus plugins.

One click install for either from c-panel. No nursemaiding the script all the time.

See, I gotta be able to customize my blogs. I want features.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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