Who’s going to start #Indieweb hosting?

After Gutenberg drops and we see the damage to WordPress and after Known blogging platform reaches a stable ver. 1.0, who’s going to start a turnkey, managed, Indieweb hosting service?

I mean you choice of WordPress (with all the Indieweb goodness plugins and themes* already installed) or Known ready to go.

It won’t be me but it seems like a natural extension.

*Themes:  Folks that’s another thing.  Indieweb needs more certified, exemplified, notarized to work with Indieweb WP themes.  Not “kinda sorta” work but work.  The Indieweb is big enough now we need 3 – 4 working themes.  And they need to be in the WordPress.org theme directory.

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3 responses on “Who’s going to start #Indieweb hosting?”

    1. Tricky title Jeremy, it has a hashtag and a question mark. I hope you figure it out.

      Hosting: it won’t be me, but with turnkey Mastodon hosting now available, and people leaving the silos, it seems like the Indieweb movement should up their game on the public front.

  1. If this ever exists, I’ll switch to it. I like the standards and principles of the Indieweb and the feddiverse. However I most definitely am not a developer. Don’t get me wrong I like to tweak things once in a while, sure I’ve even broken WP and fixed it a few times.

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