Who's going to start #Indieweb hosting?

After Gutenberg drops and we see the damage to Wordpress and after Known blogging platform reaches a stable ver. 1.0, who’s going to start a turnkey, managed, Indieweb hosting service?

I mean you choice of Wordpress (with all the Indieweb goodness plugins and themes* already installed) or Known ready to go.

It won’t be me but it seems like a natural extension.

*Themes:  Folks that’s another thing.  Indieweb needs more certified, exemplified, notarized to work with Indieweb WP themes.  Not “kinda sorta” work but work.  The Indieweb is big enough now we need 3 - 4 working themes.  And they need to be in the Wordpress.org theme directory.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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