New Blog Directory Soft Launch - Open for Submissions

I’m doing a soft launch of my new blog directory.  It is ready for submissions by bloggers.  If you have one blog or several you can add your URL’s.  Listings are free, I don’t want or need the money, I want you to find more readers. Mind, we do have guidelines. We take all types of blogs: regular blogs, photo blogs, podcast and microcast blogs, micro blogs.

I have seeded just a few sites in the directory, just enough to give you an indication of what types of sites go where.  Some lists have no listings because they should be self explanatory.

Even if you do not want to add your URL, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word to your blogger friends.  They might want a listing.

This is a continuation of my previous pipe dream.  I decided to do something more modest, a micro directory if you will.  It is not quite as personal as a Blogroll but it is smaller than a stand alone web directory.  It falls somewhere in between.

Some things I’m excited about:

  • The directory is responsive to mobile.  So phone users can use it. I have this vision of a bored train commuter, takes out his phone, selects a listing in the directory and she’s off reading somebody’s blog.
  • The directory search feature seems to work better than most.  This is important both in general and for mobile.
  • The directory is part of the blog here.  Which makes it easier to find users.
This is part of my decentralized search proposal.

That’s enough for now.  More thoughts later.

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