Blog Directory Guidelines and TOS

Blog Directory Submission Guidelines, TOS and FAQ

Submitting blog links to the Blog Directory is free – I am not in this for the money. We will not spam you or share your email or personal information with anybody else.

  1. You may only submit a blog.
  2. We review each submission for quality.  We want blogs with content. We do not want blogs that are just for sales: (ie. real estate listings, used car listings, book stores, etc.)
  3. No hate blogs, no blogs that would be illegal in Germany, no blogs promoting or encouraging violence or illegal activity. No get rich quick scheme or snake oil blogs.
  4. Not all blogs submitted will be approved. Listings may be removed at any time.
  5. Please do not use marketing language in your Titles and Descriptions (ie. “Best Gaming News Blog”)
  6. We reserve the right to edit listings.
  7. No popups, pop unders, delayed redirects.
  8. No made for Adsense blogs.
  9. We only accept English Language blogs, because that is all I know and I can’t review a blog listing in a language I cannot read.  Sorry.


  1. *Titles: Include at least 3 keywords.  List the primary name of your blog plus main topics of what it’s about. (ie. Jane Smith Blog: Mental Health, Illness and Psychology)
  2. *Subtitle: Put more keywords into a sentence.
  3. Long Description: We are pretty generous on length.  Describe in detail what your blog is about and what topics you comment about often.  Make a visitor want to click through.

*These are searchable fields in the Live Search function.

Directory FAQ

  1. Why do I have to register?  Answer: A. it keeps spam submission bots at bay. It lets you submit all your blogs. It lets you come back and change your listings as your blogs evolve or move.
  2. I am not sure which category my blog should go in what do I do?  Answer: Look at the listings in each list for similar blogs and submit to the list you think best. We will move it if we have to.  Most visitors will use the Live Search once we have a lot of listings, this is why you want to work your topic keywords into your long description.
  3. How big will this directory get?  Answer: I am calling this a Micro Directory.  A lot depends upon how well the Live Search function works with a lot of listings.  I have certain milestones in mind 200, 400, 600 listings where I will evaluate performance.  It will never be huge.
  4. Is this directory usable on smartphones?  Answer: Yes it is mobile responsive.
  5. You mostly only have top level categories, will you add subcategories?  Answer: Yes.  Right now I am letting the top categories gain listings. Later I will add subcats and move sites around.