Native Comments on Blogs

I’ve been looking for blog platforms that support both webmentions and native comments for commenting.

I guess I’m in a minority here but for me, a blog platform needs to have the option of native commenting that I can turn on or off. It also needs to be protected from comment spam. Both of those features together require a lot of work coding which is why many “light weight” blog platforms don’t support comments.

I like both webmentions and comments. In webmentions make me sad Alex sums up my feelings pretty well.

Every blog without a comment section makes me sad.

Every blog that only allows webmentions makes me sad.

Blogs are about communication and by my way of thinking, communication needs to be a two way thing at least some of the time. Native comments allow any reader to communicate a response to my post. Native commenting does not require, joining something, timelines, webmention plugins, having a blog to comment.

So back to my quest for blog platforms. Every single one seems to come with some sort of gotcha. Either it’s missing some needed feature, it’s vague about it’s features, you have to upgrade to an overpriced service level to make it usable, or the parent company which owns the service is creepy or unstable. The quest ain’t going good.

I’m thinking maybe the solution is to just avoid hot button subjects and keep my thoughts to myself. That makes me sad, but I’m a big boy so I can withstand a bit of sadness.

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