Keeping My Notes Online

I've spent the last few days making a thing to keep my notes online and public.  This is partly why I've been looking at blog/CMS platforms for awhile.  My two existing blogs were not quite right for this project so it was going to have to be stand alone.  I finally decided self hosted WordPress had all the features I needed and I already know how run WordPress.

I needed a blog script that had:

  • Site Search - duh, for searching.
  • Categories - for organizing and cross referencing.
  • Tags - finer grained organizing and cross referencing.
  • Pages - cos not everything can be or should be a post.
  • Comments - because keeping notes online  and public is a bit like thinking out loud with other people around, you expect feedback.  You learn from feedback.  Other people expand upon your thoughts.

Anyway I got the site up and running and you can see it at: .

I don't want to make this a long post but you can read about my quick conversion to ClassicPress here.

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