Slo-Web Search Engines on Speed Dial

It occurred to me that I have not been using or keeping up on the best of the Slo-web* search engines and needed to do something about that.   Since I don't use these every day I decided to just make a Speed Dial with these engines on it.**  This should help my work/search flow.***

Marginalia Search - for text heavy web pages which gets rid of commercial.  Crawls the web and has built a small index.  Very interesting results. -  The index has grown quite a bit!  Mainly indexes static HTML sites.  Just keep clicking for more pages of SERPs because there is good stuff deeper.  This search engine crawls sites submitted by humans but does not crawl the web. -  small index of non-commercial pages.  Some good stuff here. - okay so this is my directory not a search engine but I use it daily and I need a link it in with those above.

Right Dao -  This really isn't a slo-web search engine.  It's really a growing general search engine but I've been neglecting it so it's on this list so I'll use it more.

I recommend trying these search engines.  They are not intended to replace Google they are intended to find the non-commercial sites that get drowned out in Google.

Foot Notes:

* Slow-web aka Retro web, Yesterweb, Web Revival.

** Speed Dial is standard on Vivaldi Browser.  It has become sort of a generic term.  Other browsers have copied it or there may be an extension available for your browser that adds it.

*** Mojeek remains my default search engine.

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