Blogging Platform Follies

Say what you will, with a sniff of derision, about and being old fashioned blogging platforms but at least they have both comments and pages as features. Seems like a lot of newer platforms either have one or the other but not both.

And who the heck writes the copy for these different newish blogging platforms? If you have to be coy about your feature list it means you have a shit product. Features are a list of what people get at each cost level. That isn’t hard.

And it should not take three pages of reading your copy before I figure out that you only have a script not a hosted blog service and that the blog script has no web interface for posting and that, I don’t know, you burn your words in a bonfire and they rise in the smoke to Github where you can host it for free. Fucking Github. Shoot. Me. Now.

Asthetically “minimalist” means something. But in copywriter, Web 2.0 marketing speak it really means “doesn’t have shit, doesn’t do shit.” Same thing for “light weight”.

You know, maybe you don’t get a belly button ring and a free tamborine at Blogger or, but you get the basics, and they work, and they are robust, and they are protected against spam and you don’t have to go to fecking Github. Ever.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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