Odd Musings About the French Language

I completely failed when I tried to learn French many decades ago. So I had to laugh when I stumbled across this Twitter thread. At least I’m not alone in thinking it’s hard. Read the comments about the French language in that thread for your amusement.

Of course spoken French is quite lovely, especially, to my ear, when spoken by a woman. Who cares what she’s saying, I want to, figuratively, go all “Gomez Addams” You Spoke French Video. 50 seconds.

English is no prize either, but English is really a pidgin language thanks to an infusion of Norman French after The Conquest in 1066. Which leads me to H. W. Fowler’s advice in The King’s English to, “Prefer the Saxon word to the Romance.” Something I should do more often in my writing.

Enough rambling, time for breakfast!

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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