/e/ OS Smartphones Coming to the US in February 2021

In an important update from /e/ Foundation founder Gael Duval, we learn that eOS smartphones with eOS pre-installed are coming to the US!

Update January 2021: we will be starting shipping first /e/-smartphones to the US on > early February 2021 from esolutions.shop Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated when it’s available. Spread the news!

eOS is Android that has totally been deGoogled. Open source replacements have been found or forked for all of Google Services and are part of the package. There is no Google spyware left in the OS. No Gmail is needed. You even have the choice of letting /e/ foundation host your cloud services or you can set up your own Nextcloud instance, if you know how, so you have total control.

And yet you can still run Android apps. The OS has a repository of over 30,000 Android apps both open source and commercial each rated for privacy and permissions. For instance, I was delighted to find that the Android version of Vivaldi Browser is available.

Before now phones with /e/ OS preinstalled have only been available in the EU. The big announcement here is /e/ is bringing preinstalled smartphones to the US. I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years.

Now we just need to find out what kind of phone models they are going to offer in Feb 2021.

More about the non profit e foundation can be found here.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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