3 Reaction Videos to Amanda Gorman's Poem "The Hill We Climb"

Poet Amanda Gorman wrote an amazing poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ for the Biden inauguration. I found only 3 reaction videos after 24 hours and I thought I would list them below.

On all of these, watch the reactor’s face as they watch and listen.

Youngblood Poetry Reaction being a poet himself he provides some really good commentary. It’s also obvious that Gorman’s poem effects him deeply.

Benjaja Reaction This is a interesting reaction. Benjaja starts out with his light hearted shtick you can tell he has not heard the poem before. Watch his face as very quickly the words of the poem register. He’s visibly moved and serious by the end.

Viola Kale Reaction Viola Kale is British living in the UK and I think it’s interesting to see the reaction of people in other countries. It’s obvious she is hearing the poem for the first time.

These early reactions are important because we are more likely to be seeing people react for the first time. I’m hoping more reactions will get posted, especially from foreign reactors.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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