There is something wrong here:

  1. we can’t produce enough masks and protective garments inside the US,

  2. states and the Federal government are all bidding against each other for basic critical supplies like masks in the middle of a pandemic,

  3. meanwhile, doctors and nurses in hospitals have no masks and protective clothing,

  4. meanwhile, while the White House, corporations and politicians dick around, common people are using GoFundme to raise money for masks for NYC hospitals,

  5. meanwhile, hospitals in Iowa have put out the desperate plea for homemade, washable masks,

  6. meanwhile, hundreds of women in Iowa are cutting up their bedsheets and t-shirts for material to sew masks in response.

  7. meanwhile, while women’s sewing machines are clattering into the dark of night, Trump’s DOJ quietly asks for extra ordinary powers to suspend Constitutional rights and Habeas corpus.

  8. and we still don’t have enough test kits or the means to process them.

What is wrong with this picture?

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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