I understand that many US rural hospitals were financially stricken before the coronavirus. Not one big corporation, casino, bank, airline, hotel, Boeing etc. should be bailed out before we bail out rural hospitals.

Take note: all these capitalist corporations are now elbowing every one else out of the way to get in line for a good old socialist government bailout. And we’ll probably have to do it but there had better be conditions first and a shit load of reforms. Hell, I’m a capitalist too but the ways Big Business, the big 5 Banks and Wall Street have been allowed to operate since 2008 has got to change.

Final thing: Even though I’d prefer a Canadian style national health system, Medicare for All or some sort of system is coming quicker than you know. Just you wait till the medical bills start rolling in in the US from this pandemic - there will be hell to pay. And it won’t be the doctor’s, nurses or technicians fault either.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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