Review: Eco-conscious kitchen trash bags by Hippo Sak

If you are looking for more eco-conscious trash bags, I’ve been very happy with Hippo Sak. They are very strong and no leaks so far.

These are the first handle tie bags that I like better than the draw string type. These are generously sized. They resist puncture and cuts better than other brands.

I’m currently using the tall kitchen can bags made with recycled ocean shoreline plastic which look thin but are super strong. I like keeping plastic out of the ocean.

Before that I used up a box of [tall kitchen can bags made with plant based plastic These are the ones that got me hooked on the Hippo Sak design. If it matters, these bags are more opaque for greater trash privacy.

Personally, I’ll keep using the ocean trash version because I like the concept, both types have done a great job keeping my gloppy kitchen trash contained. Both made in USA.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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