Surgical Masks and Me

I just ordered standard surgical masks, the pleated kind, from Amazon at an outrageous price. I’m quite aware that these are considered worthless against the coronavirus however, should the coronavirus hit locally they still serve 2 purposes:

  • If the virus becomes local and I do have to venture out, to get food, visit a pharmacy or a doctor, I won’t have other people freaking out because I don’t have a mask on.
  • The mask will help remind me not to touch my face or mouth while out.

Frankly, I waited too long to order these. Should have done a week and a half ago, but at that time I was still trying to order N95 masks as prices on those were rising hourly. Indeed I tried twice to order N95’s only to have both orders canceled by the vendors.

Now prices are rising on the ineffective masks.

So at the risk of being called a fool, I ordered these, but that “Be Prepared” part of my old Boy Scout training tells me to get them now. Most probably, I won’t need them for the coronavirus at all and I’m real good with that. If so they can sit on a shelf until I have a DIY project that is dusty. BTW, I hate these things, they always fog my glasses.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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