Branding Works in Mysterious Ways


For many years I’ve listened to Old Time Radio (OTR) shows streamed over the Internet. Most of these shows still have the original advertising that they were first aired with.

One show I listened to was Casey Crime Photographer which aired from 1943 - 1950 well before I was born, thank you. The main sponsor of Casey was Anchor Hocking Glass Co. a maker of glass bakeware and dinnerware.


After Christmas dinner, I’m trying to find containers to store leftovers and wasn’t having much success. After that I decided I needed some small glass storage containers since I’m moving away from plastics where I can. I fired up Amazon. Pyrex and Corningware were the first two brands I searched for since my Mom has the former and one of my Grandmothers always had the later, but I wasn’t finding what I wanted and I thought the prices were high. Then I remembered Anchor Hocking, a brand from those OTR shows. I looked them up on Amazon and sure enough they were still around and I found 4 small storage containers for $7 vs. over $20 for the other guys. I hit the nice big friendly Amazon “Buy” button!

And they arrived today, nicely made, thick and heavy glass and they are made in the USA! Win - win.

The Branding Thing:

The bottom line of this story is branding works, although sometimes in old and mysterious ways. The advertising on those 1940’s radio show ads influenced me 75 years later to buy Anchor Hocking.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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