As someone in his 6th decade, I’m warming to the idea that the older generations need to step aside politically, and let the younger generations run with the ball. I’m not comfortable with this. There are some issues where I and the younger set completely disagree.

However, I also think our country needs some shaking up - a windstorm of reform - perhaps even a tornado. I no longer think we Boomers are up to the challenges that lie ahead. We, the Boomers have become The Establishment that we derided and distrusted in our youth and as that we have become an impediment to change and hence, a part of the problem of a status quo stuck in malise and suckage. And change, real change, is needed.

I think we need to sweep a new generation into Congress, state houses, Governorships, county buildings. We need a broad base of new blood, youth, vigor and idealism in all those places. Youth, that has not yet learned to kowtow to corporate masters.

And yet, at this moment, I find I’m not quite ready to completely let go when it comes to electing a President. There are still capable men and women within the Boomer generation that have real life, national and professional experience I find still lacking in the younger candidates. Therefore, I find myself leaning towards two of the elder Presidential candidates - because experiance lets them see those shades of gray where youth only sees black and white. We need change, but not quite all at once.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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