I’m all for a Green New Deal, except I would break it up into a series of stand alone initiatives all working towards the common theme of the GND. We should not try to pass one huge monolithic law all in one pass. Rather we should break it up into chunks, each with a clearly identifiable purpose and goal so that The People know what they are getting with each bill.

This would be more like FDR’s original New Deal, which was a series of laws, not one huge bill.

Finally, in the US, we also need to encourage the individual States to come onboard any GND. States can do things the Feds can’t, like discourge needless suburban sprawl, encourage infill, prioritize maintaining existing roads rather than expanding or building new roads, expanding commuter transit, etc. States should be encouraged to take control of their own responsabilities and rewarded when they do. It can’t all be on the Federal Government.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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