Why I Won't Watch the Trump Impeachment

Although I’ve caught bits of the Trump impeachment hearings on the radio (NPR) in the car, I can’t bring myself to try and watch/listen to more. I got my dose during the Watergate hearings. I was in Junior High and tried to catch as much as I could. On top of the whole Vietnam War thing of many years, the Cold War, the Bomb, Watergate made it seem to me, like the whole nation was coming apart.

I, we, the nation survived. Not stronger, but we survived.

So for the Trump Impeachment, I think younger citizens should watch and they should draw their own conclusions based on the evidence. History is being made. But for me: been there, done that, it’s a shame we’ve come to this - again. So I’ll take the highlight reel.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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