First Impressions Ubuntu Linux 19.04

It’s been awhile since I used Ubuntu Linux, one thing Ubuntu has going for it is a lot of software in it’s “store”. I’ve looked at the software stores (repositories) on both Pure OS and Pop OS and they are pretty sparce. This is because many Linux distros have agendas like minimalism or FOSS only. But Ubuntu is more for people coming over from Windows or macOS and they don’t want to go on a Scud-hunt looking for software to fill their needs.

So just looking at the Ubuntu store, it has tons of games you can download, if you need a Markdown editor it has several, if you need an RSS reader, again, several, paint programs, photo manipulation, Office type stuff - ditto, ditto ditto. Ubuntu has done well in this department and frankly it’s better than the Windows 10 software store. If you want the general public to adopt your OS you have to appeal to the broad base of users. Other Linux distros take heed.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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