Recycled Paper Roulette

Buying recycled paper products locally has become a challenge. Local supermarkets that 10 years ago had a wide range of recycled paper now seem to have gone dry. Seems like corporate America has taken over this niche with products that imply eco-friendlyness on their packaging with marketing words like “responsible” and “Sustainable” but are short on details like actual percentage of pre and post consumer waste, the use of chlorine in their process and even where it’s made.

It all seems a little dodgy to me.

Fortunately there is Amazon where you can better sort through the details, even though the price seems to be constantly rising on all recycled paper there.

I’m trying a different route from recycling by trying renewable bamboo based facial tissue. We’ll see how this goes although I admit to being skeptical.

Of course, every time I find a product that I really like it gets discontinued or so expensive and hard to find that it might as well be discontinued. This happens so much that I’m afraid to give anything my Brad Seal of Approval lest it disappear.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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