Sorting Out the Democrats for President

Democratic Presidential Candidates:

I think we’re up to a gaggle of 20 at last count. I’m going to seperate out the 3 that I think have potential. (All subject change.)

  • Berine Sanders - he’s farther Left than I’m comfortable with, but he’s the only one that has truely new ideas. This is the guy we should have run against Trump the first time. I like his ideas on health care. He would offer a kinder, and more reasoned Populist alternative to Trump.

  • Elizabeth Warren - perhaps a little too intellectual for prime time but I generally agree with her. I’m not sure she can capture the public imagination, she’s about as exciting as watching cement set. So far she has not done well in her skirmishes with Trump. Still, she would be way better than Trump.

  • Joe Biden - I consider him the “safe candidate” I think Joe, flawed as he is, has the moxie to take on Trump without leaving “The Establishment” wing of elites in the Democratic Party. Which means he won’t step too far out of the status quo and there is a danger to that because we need some bold reforms and I’m afraid Joe isn’t up for that. Still I like Joe.

It’s really early days so my lineup might change. Just thinking out loud.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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