Brinksmanship and the Potential for War with Iran

Brinkmanship with Iran is a dangerous policy. One would think we have had enough of getting entangled in Middle East conflicts as it is, let alone seek out yet another one. I’m sure Iran is a bad actor, but our side ie. Saudi Arabia dosen’t fill me warm fuzzies either.

Underlying all the national and oil rivalry in the region is a sectarian Sunni vs. Shia Islam conflict, which we Westerners would be well advised to stay out of. This Islamic sectarian conflict is something that only the Islamic world can deal with and it will probably be bloody just like The Reformation in Europe was bloody. It’s sad, but lasting peace cannot be imposed from outside the Islamic world.

What the US should be doing is working hard to decrease our dependancy on Middle East oil so we have little cause to get involved. Instead we build bigger pickup trucks and more roads and more fuel guzzling airports. It’s time for a rethink both in the US and Europe too.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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