Acquired: Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro πŸ“š

Acquired: Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro

As part of the Indieweb Book Club for Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro I just acquired a paperback copy of this book.

Just did a fast skim page through: I expect I’ll agree with some of Monteiro’s basic premises about design, I also noticed that the author paints with a pretty broad brush. (That’s not always bad, since I do the same thing.) As part of that he makes some assertions like religions are designed to hate each other and that “cultural appropriation” is universally accepted as being a Bad Thing. I understand that these are not the main thrust of his arguments but his misuse of them undermines his argument and his authority - at least with this reader. The first rule of debate is to examine the other person’s “givens”. If the “givens” are faulty then that weakens their whole argument.

I won’t get into nit picking on these, because that would take me off topic.

This was also posted to /en/bookclub.

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