Magellan (TV Mystery series, French)

I’m on Season 2 of Magellan. Weird French mystery show. They keep changing Inspector Magellan’s sidekick. The house he lives in with his two daughters has changed. The actors playing the daughters have changed, but worse one daughter has gotten like 4 years younger - before she was a tween now she’s a little kid! Last night, replacement older daughter was gone, they said she went to England she only lasted one episode. Magellan’s office set has changed.

Frankly the acting isn’t that good and I don’t care about the characters that much. There is a mystery in each episode which is okay but I don’t think the producers really know what they want this show to be a mystery or a family show. The biggest mystery is how the daughter actually got younger.

The good news is that the police can always drive right up to the door of each destination and there is always a parking space - this is how you know it is fiction. Frankly, you can skip this show and never miss it.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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