e Foundation's Eco-System to De-Google Your Life

I’ve mentioned other efforts to De-Google your phone (link at bottom) and I should mention other efforts.

e Foundation has made a comprehensive list of the suite of apps they are working on which will run on their fork of Android which has been purged of Google Services. (This means their version of Android has been purged of Google’s spyware.)

Use of the apps for these services (email, messenger, maps, search, etc.) presumes you have managed to flash e’s operating system onto your device or you have had someone do it for you.

As you can see from the link above: e Foundation’s suite of apps and services are much more extensive than Librem One’s. The inclusion of things like an alternative for Google Maps, weather, cloud storage go well beyond Librem’s suite and frankly, better address the things we use our phone for (ie. navigation) in real life.

Like Librem, the e Foundation OS only exists in Beta form, although progress is rapidly progressing towards a ver. 1.0 stable release in 2019. I’m waiting for that stable release to come out before trying it.

Reference: Librem One: Escape Google, Increase Privacy

See also: e Foundation website

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