I spent some time last night reading reviews of the iPhone XR and inspite of all the slobbering superlatives in those reviews, nothing convinced me to go back to an iPhone except the improved privacy over Android. Access to Apple Pay may also be a factor because I trust Apple Pay over Google Pay. The rest was bigger, faster, longer, more cool and do what Apple says and what Apple wants. No innovation.

And again, the Apple walled garden is everywhere: “not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards” which means I can’t switch back and forth between an Android phone and the XR. Use Apple’s Safari browser or pound sand. Use our proprietary cords.

iOS 12? Boring. Again, bigger, faster, longer but still the same old iOS.

Price? Cheaper than all the flagship phones but still a lot of money for a phone that does not have fingerprint ID. Screw that.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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