Un-Business Cards or Calling Cards

I have business cards, they advertise the business I’m a partner in. They don’t advertise me as an individual. Every once in awhile I run into somebody socially who wants my contact details, not business but about me. So I thought I would get cards that represent just me.

This is nothing new, people used to have calling cards or visiting cards and the Victorians, in particular had elaborate rules of etiquette surrounding their use. Calling cards were important in an urban world before telephones and internet and at a time when many servants may well be illiterate. The business card evolved out of the calling card. Anyway, it would be accurate to call what I ordered calling cards.

I ordered business cards (“Me cards” really) that don’t mention my business interests, just my contact info:

  • Name
  • Street address
  • Telephone number
  • URL of my personal blog (important)
  • Twitter Name
  • My Micro.blog URL (this I really wanted on there)

Normally I leave the back blank, so I can write on it, but the design I chose called for a logo, which I don’t have. However, I could substitute a QR Code which will take people to my blog if scanned so I used that. Still enough room to jot a note.

The printer offered a bewildering choice of card papers, I chose cards made from 100% cotton sourced from scraps in the making of T-Shirts. No trees.

I ordered from Moo on the recommendation of both @Ron and @dejus and they turned out great. (Thanks guys!)

I like the idea of having a QR Code somewhere on the card. I personally don’t use them except when exhibits have them, like at an arboretum or a museum, but others might so no harm in having it there.

That’s it - Me Cards. I don’t need them often, but darn handy when I do.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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