Ruminating on a Better Commonplace Book Online

This blog was intended to be a Commonplace book for me online. Recently I learned about Pile of Index Cards system which is sort of a Commonplace book broken up into index cards.

Combining PoIC system and Commonplace book on a Blog

And I sort of want to fuse the two together online with a blog so I have access to it from anywhere.

What I particularly like about PoIC are the card categories listed below.

Types of cards:

  1. Record Card: note, diary, weather, appointments, followup, things that happened.
  2. Discover Card: things from your brain. Ideas. Thoughts. Brain dump.
  3. GTD Card: get things done, to do.
  4. Cite card: ideas and information from outside. Important to cite the source.

On a blog you could use categories to sort those different types of cards.

So I’m trying to fuse these together somehow, but adapting a blog isn’t always easy. I’m also wondering if I should try to keep a paper based system along with an online version.

Problems and Brainstorming:

  1. Categories for card types - I need to be able to select the category of the post before posting. only lets me do that with long form posts.
  2. Record Cards or journal or both?
  3. It would be nice to have the option of keeping a category private for record cards.
  4. It would be nice to be able to make a blog private by varying degrees (discourage search engines via robots.txt or ban all outside readers.)
  5. Cite Cards: In Indieweb terms of Kinds of Posts, Like and Bookmark posts come to mind as being Cite Cards.
  6. Site search: is kind of important.
  7. I know I could do this with B2evolution CMS script, which allows you to not just have multiple categories but multiple blogs and each blog can have different rules of access as to who can read it.
  8. If I decide to have some paper index cards plus online how would that work? Would it work?
  9. If I just go with a notebook type commonplace book (no cards) do I go with one book or split up books as some people do?


Chris Aldrich for the concept of personal blog as commonplace book. @Marty for the tip on the Pile of Index Cards system.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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