The Postal Tweet Recipe with Typewriter

Looking for a use for your vintage typewriter or fountain pen?

Use it to send snail mail tweets.


  1. Post cards
  2. Typewriter - a luggable typewriter works best because regulation post cards are thick.
  3. Stamps

Yup. Just type a tweet on the back of a postcard, address it, place stamp and send. You have a totally analog tweet.

What is the difference between this an a regular post card? Well, not much except intent and content: instead of telling the recipient about the great time you had at Wisconsin Dells, Wall Drug or The Reptile Gardens you are sending a thought an analog simulation of a tweet.

With a letter, you are faced with the task of filling up a whole page, and you might not have that much on your mind. With a postal tweet the pressure to fill all that blank space is eliminated and you can just send - one thought - just a sentence or two.

Photos below.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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