Acquired: Adler Tippa S Ultra Portable Typewriter

This Adler Tippa S Ultra Portable typewriter came in over the weekend. The plastic bodied “S” model was not my first choice, but Richard Polt says they are well built and the “S” model is segment shifted instead of carriage shifted so that is a plus. Also on eBay, the S models were slightly cheaper than the older model Tippa’s. This one made in Western Germany.

I tested this last night and one key is a bit sticky, but I think it could use a little lube. Heck all my non refurbished typewriters need a little lube.

The Tippa is very thin and compact and light in weight. It was marketed as “an office in a briefcase” and I can see why this typewriter would be favored by traveling businessmen for filling out forms and reports.

This is a nice ultra portable and a good addition to any collection.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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