Update on Related Posts on Micro.blog

This is a followup of Micro.blog: Adding Hosted Related Posts and you should read that first for context, because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to type half of that again. :-)

Putting the Related Hosts so they would appear at the very bottom of the page just was not working. On my pages, I doubt anyone scrolls down past the comments form so nobody was seeing them. I swapped out the JS code for the “Inline” type display. This requires two separate JS code snippets: 1. A general call code snippet, which I placed in the footer, 2. A second snippet which I placed in the Post template as described in the link above, you place this where you want the Related Posts to appear, which is right below the content where a visitor has the chance to see them.

My observation so far is that if AddThis has a relevency algo it’s pretty weak. I think these are more random posts from this blog. Not real good, but not all bad if it gets people to explore other posts on the blog. So now I need to watch my stats and see what paths visitors, particularly those from search engines, take, and also monitor how related the posts becomes over time as AddThis learns about more blog posts.

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