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I’m rebuilding my Following page (aka Blogroll). After dithering between trying to do it on as either a static page or as a category, I opted for creating a Following category because I think it will be easier to maintain.

  1. Created Following category.
  2. Added one short post per followed URL.
  3. Click Posts and Edit each Following post to check Following category. On the Web the category options only appear after 270 characters so getting short posts into a category requires this extra step.

Navigation: I wanted to put Following on my Navigation Menu, so I created a Page named “Following” and pasted the URL to the Following Category in the page content. On, if you only paste a URL into the Page content it creates a redirect.

So now it looks like there is a Page named “Following” in my navigation but it really sends you to the “Following” Category. See it here.

I’m adding only 2 - 3 blogs a day so I don’t spam up the MB Timeline too much so this will take awhile.

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