My Typewriter Wish List

These are high on my list.

  1. Olivetti Lettera 22 - serviced or refurbished.
  2. Hermes 3000 - 1950’s preferred or 1960’s. Refurbished. Costly.
  3. Remington Streamliner - 30’s or 40’s. Refurbished or rebuilt. Costly.

Others if the opportunity presents:

  • Smith Corona Skyriter - 1950’s, refurbished USA
  • Olympia SM 3 or 4 - 1950’s refurbished W. German
  • GROMA KOLIBRI - 1950’s in good working order. (East German, favored by Stasi secret police field agents.)
  • Gossen Tippa-B Typewriter or even an A model. 1950’s Refurbished. Costly “Office in a briefcase.” W. German
Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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