Acquired: 1960’s Olympia SF De Luxe ultra portable typewriter

I wanted an Olympia. I wanted an ultra portable. I saw this Olympia SF on eBay for a good price and took a chance. This one came with a leather, zip case. Official sideways photo here.

Older Olympia’s are known for their quality. This one is stamped steel and feels - solid. It’s pretty thin and a little bit heavy for an ultra but it is fairly compact. Everything about it sort of screams quality, dependability and good fit and finish.

This one, only needs a new ribbon! There are a few scratches from normal use but none of the keys stick so it’s ready to type once I change the ribbon.

I like it. I’m not in love with the style, but this is a good machine. I will use this.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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