Acquired: 1950's Hermes Rocket Typewriter

The Hermes Rocket is a very compact and light weight Swiss made, ultra portable typewriter. All the Hermes typewriters are known for their high quality. Sideways photo here.

I picked this one up on eBay. Everything works, but several keys stick a bit. I need to test it again because it was still cold from shipping. The keys issue is minor and expected. I’ll try and clean the action and then lubricate it myself. If that does not work I’ll take it in for repair.

Besides the keys this little typewriter is in good shape,especially for an item older than I am. Right now it’s the crown jewel in my collection. It has a small footprint, is light and and very thin. This was intended for people that travel a lot. Keep in mind, the 1950’s only had prop and turbo prop airliners, both with major restrictions on luggage weight and I can’t help but think this was designed with that sort of travel in mind. It’s just so stinking cute.

This impressed me as being a very high quality machine.

If you like ultra portable typewriters, the Hermes Rocket is one to seriously consider. Hermes made a similar model called the “Baby” which is also highly sought after. Either are worth collecting.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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