I saw John Wayne was trending on Twitter so I clicked through and read about 5 tweets. It appears people are all pissed off and offended by some interview Wayne did back in 1971.

  1. John Wayne is dead.
  2. 1971. Hello? Is there some shortage of current shit to be offended about that we have to go back to 1971 to find material?

Most of the people tweeting weren’t even alive in 1971 or if they were they were still filling up their diapers. The further back you go in time the more likely you are to find offensive attitudes towards races and gender preference in print.

The truth is, if all you do is walk around looking for stuff to be offended about, you are sure to find it. The World is a nasty, dirty place and there is not a single saint walking on this Earth. Toughen up. People are shitty, complex, damaged and both evil and good all mixed together - you and me included. Nothing Wayne said or did can be undone by him or us and he’s already faced whatever Judgement you face when you die. He is certainly beyond the reach of Twitter. Pffft.

Go find something in the here and now and try and make it better.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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