Micro.blog Feature Wishlist 17 February 2019

  • Webmentions received from non-MB member blogs and Twitter and published on MB hosted blogs (comments, facepiles etc.)
  • * Ability to reply via webmention.
  • Replies from Micro.blog timeline should appear on MB hosted blogs.
  • Comment form with antispam protection on MB hosted blogs.
  • Trackbacks and pings received should appear on MB hosted blogs. (Needs antispam.)
  • Ability to send Trackbacks and Pings.

Narrative: as @Manton mentioned in the latest Core Intuition the part of Micro.blog that sustains the service (pays the bills) is the blog hosting half. So, to me, that service needs to be compelling as a free-standing blog host to attract and retain paying customers. By now most blog services have the same old list of standard features those do need to be looked at and included on MB, but IMHO, the thing that no other blog system has is turn-key, out of the box true Indieweb discussion support. Micro.blog is much further along than anybody else in this regard but what it’s missing is in that bullet list above and that list is in rough order of importance. Having those would differentiate the MB service from Blogger, Wordpress.com and all the rest. Own the niche. Indieweb type discussion is the only really new thing out there in the blogosphere, and it’s doable.

Why? I think when potential customers see how much interaction there is on MB hosted blogs they will find that a compelling reason. The comments and mentions appearing right on the hosted blog’s post pages would be visible proof of activity - and people respond to activity. (These things should have an off/on switch so the blog owner can enable/disable as they choose.) I also think this is viral - interest will spread by word of mouth.

I do suspect that most of these are in the pipeline but feedback is good and making MB hosted blogs more like stand alone blogs is good too because people will be less likely to look to WP, Blot or other scripts for their blogs.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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