Late 1940's Royal Quiet Deluxe Typewriter and Me

My 1940’s refurbished Royal Quiet Deluxe came in today. It’s a wonderful machine and it looks almost brand new. You can see my exclusive Yet Another Sideways Photo here Sigh

This was a model that I really wanted to have. Back when I was in grade school, reading Hardy Boys detective books and watching the 1960’s revival of “Dragnet” on TV I would start banging out my own detective reports on a kids typewriter which soon rattled apart. My mother, bless her heart, dug out two old late 40’s Royal portable Quiet Deluxe typewriters from the basement. These had been my Mom and Dad’s typewriters at university. Both needed service with keys sticking. We got got the better of the two repaired by trading in the other machine to the repair shop in return for service. So soon I was back to typing up imaginary police reports on rainy days.

I think my mother saw some value in this play typing. I started using a dictionary for one thing, that alone was a major breakthrough, and I was writing sentences even paragraphs because I wanted to not just because I had to for school.

I don’t know what ever happened to that old Royal, but if I was going to start collecting typewriters I wanted to replace it.

I bought this typewriter online from Kentucky Typer a typewriter refurbisher and repair store. The whole transaction went so smooth and the machine was just as described. Bookmark them. I recommend them highly.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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