Adding Hosted Comments to a PAGE on

Adding Hosted Comments to a PAGE on

Sometimes we create PAGES on a blog that contain content that we would like visitors to be able to comment about. I’ve been trying to figure out how to add hosted comments just to a page on MB, full stop. I had examined all the templates and found no good place to insert the commenting JS code. And even if I had found a place the added problem would be: I only want comments on certain pages not all pages. What to do?

Adding comments from Disqus, IntenseDebate or others to a page on is different than adding it to posts and far easier. **You don’t have to mess with templates!”

Goto: Account > Edit Design > Pages > select a page to edit.

The content box (the form you post content in when making a page) accepts Markdown, HTML and JavaScript. So it finally perked up to my brain-pan that I could probably just add the custom JS code below the normal content of a page right in the content form.

It’s that simple. You have to repeat this for each page you want comments on. It will not appear on all pages automatically.

You can see an example on my World War II Movies List page.

I’ve only done this with IntenseDebate code but it should work with others.


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