Typewriter Scouting Report 14 February 2019

Today I found a used typewriter stand at a local office furniture store, $25. Made in 1961, almost as old as me - vintage, and built strong as a tank and still solid as - a typewriter stand built like a tank.

Also stopped by the local charity resale shop: they had 3 portable manual typewriters marked $10, 30 and 40. I didn’t test them. All were well used and needed extensive cleaning at the least. If I were a refurbisher and mechanically handy, I would have bought the lot but passed because that’s not a gig I want to get into. That and none where a model that “spoke” to me.

Backing up to 13 February 2019

Most people are collecting portable typewriters which means the full desktop manuals are not getting a lot of love and therefore the prices are much lower. Below is an avacado green Royal desktop which I did not buy priced at an antique mall for $45 and you can probably get it for less. Assuming it works that is a good price for a machine for maybe a 10 year old that is keen on having their own typewriter or somebody on a tight budget but wants a manual.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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