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Well, it’s started. My habit, when I start a new venture, is to jump in with both feet and thrash around after doing just enough research to get me into trouble. :-)

So, yesterday I found an excellent 1950’s Royal at a local antique mall. I have to confess, I also have two other typewriters on order. One from eBay and another from an online refurbisher/dealer. More on those purchases when they arrive in the next few days.

The advice given to search locally: antique stores, resale shops, old long established office equipment stores, is sound. I visited three local antique malls and found quite a few typewriters at decent prices that compare well with prices on eBay but have the advantage over eBay in that you can physically inspect and test the machine, dicker on price and you don’t have to pay +$40 for shipping.


  1. Ultra Portables: for some reason these appeal to me the most right at the moment. They are always so slim and sleek.
  2. Brands: I’d like to have an Olympia, these were always so expensive. Olivetti, see Ultra Portables above. Otherwise, brand is a factor but I’m not really checking a tick-box trying to buy one of each brand. I guess it’s a secondary consideration.
  3. Condition: I’m trying to buy machines that are either refurbished, serviced or in proven good working order. Right now, I don’t know enough to attempt refurbishing typewriters on my own and it’s not something I’m interested in right now.
  4. Style: This is a key consideration. I’d love to have a Remington Streamliner from the late ‘30’s to early ‘40’s. Looks, definitely play into this.
  5. Price: Another big factor. I definitely like bargains.
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