Micro.blog and Maintaining a Following Page

I’ve been pondering on how to make a blogroll/following page on Micro.blog and sort of weighing different approaches. Here are a couple:

  1. Static Following Page: Here is a big one. The problem I have with these is they become difficult to maintain. Everytime I make one of these I end up not updating it. However, as you can see from the example, it can be massive and you can easily subcategorize such a list. It’s also very durable - there is no moving script parts or database to fail.
  2. You could make a “Following” category in Micro.blog. This is a variant of linkblogging except you are using a category for that purpose. Use one post per link followed and whatever description you want. Then link to that category in your main menu and you end up with a dynamic list of blogs or newsletters you are following. I’m thinking this might be easier to maintain on Micro.blog than a static page. However, a downside is you cannot sub-categorize and right now MB has no dedicated site search for each blog so finding something later might be difficult.
  3. Another approach that would work for a shorter list on Micro.blog would be to use tiny type and put your list on the bottom of your index page or in the MB footer. Kicks Condor does this well in his right sidebar (scroll down a bit.) Notice how he actually makes it fun to explore while giving you a little context for each link.

None of these difficulties are exclusive to Micro.blog, blogrolls have always been work to maintain, but they are very useful in helping visitors discover new blogs.

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