Some Contact Solutions for

Some email contact resources for

We don’t have CGI or Php for contact forms on, so if you have a hosted MB blog and you want a contact form it has to be remotely hosted.

Free Contact Form Providers

I’ve looked at a quite a few. Some I tried and didn’t work, others looked dodgy. Very few people ever used my contact form on Wordpress so I think most of us can get away with a free form. I have not used these or tried them yet, nor are they in any order.

Just remember that if you are getting it for free the provider is getting something out of it also.

  • Squaresend
  • Allforms Update 6 Feb 2019: I signed up, but once logged in, I got a notice that form creation was disabled for free accounts. Skip this one.

Email Address Encoders

Some people might want to place their email address in a mailto link but encrypt it so it is harder for email harvester robots to read.


ScriptSocket stuff will have banner ads on them per their FAQ.

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